The 60th Anniversary of Compressor and Refrigeration Major

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The 60th Anniversary of Compressor and Refrigeration Major(图1)
      2016 is not only the 60th establishment anniversary of China compressor major as well as refrigeration and cryogenic engineering major but also the 120th founding anniversary of Jiaotong University; moreover, 2016 is the 60 anniversary (migration to Xi’an) and the 21th establishment anniversary of the fluid machinery and compressor national engineering research center; thus, 2016 shall be greatly joyous.
    On the occasion of the 120th founding anniversary of Jiaotong University and the 60th establishment anniversary of the compressor and refrigeration major as well as China Refrigeration Exhibition, the commemorative meeting of the 60th anniversary of compressor and refrigeration major jointly organized by Xi’an Jiaotong University, China Compressor Website, China Refrigeration Website, Chinese Association of Refrigeration, China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association, Compressor Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association and China Industrial Gases Industry Association was solemnly held in Beijing on April 7.
      First, Mr. JIN Jiawei (the president of Chinese Association of Refrigeration), Mr. ZHANG Zhaohui (the secretary general of China Refrigeration and Airconditioning Industry Association), Mr. QIAN Jiaxiang (the secretary general of Compressor Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association), Mr. PU Chungan (the general secretary of CIGIA) and other leaders delivered opening speeches and welcame participation of friends and personnel from various industries. Professor WANG Shuguo (the president of Xi’an Jiaotong University) also sent his video speech for warmly congratulation on solemn opening of the commemorative meeting of the 60th anniversary of compressor and refrigeration major and the 120th founding anniversary of Jiaotong University; and he wished a complete success of this commemorative
      Then, Professor SHU Pengcheng of the compressor and refrigeration major primarily introduced some compressor and refrigeration major pioneers, who are Professor SHI Huaxin (the first director of the compressor and refrigeration teaching and research office of Jiaotong University and pioneer of China compressor career), Professor MIAO Yongmiao (the second director of the compressor and refrigeration teaching and research office and founder of the fluid machinery major of Jiaotong University), Professor XIA Anshi (the founder of the refrigeration major of Shanghai Jiaotong University), Professor ZHANG Zhiyou (a primary founder of the refrigeration and cryogenic major of Jiaotong University), Professor QIAN Hongzhang (a primary founder of the refrigeration and cryogenic major of Jiaotong  University), Professor CHENG Naijin (a primary founder of the refrigeration and cryogenic major of Jiaotong University); and he comprehensively sorted the power for promotion of industry development and cultivation of scientific research talents.
      Professor WU Yezheng presented his speech (Recollections of Years) and he remembered those days for making good progress and overcoming hard times for construction of the compressor and refrigeration major and shared the 60-year progression and development; and all those experiences shall be of great historical significance inheriting the past and opening future together with all attendants.
      Professor XIN Ziwen from the compressor and refrigeration major of Xi’an Jiaotong University presented his theme report-History and Current Situations of Compressor and Refrigeration Major; and he simply but profoundly illustrated the domestic development history of the compressor and refrigeration major and presented brief analysis of current situations. He said: the fruitful progression of the past 60 years since the compressor and refrigeration major was established has been made; and generations of teachers and students of the compressor and refrigeration major paid more selfless dedication and hard work. Under leadership and loving care of School of Energy and Power Engineering of Xi’an Jiaotong University and full supports of Chinese Association of Refrigeration, China Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry Association, Compressor Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association, China Gases Association, China Household Electrical Appliances Association and other social groups as well as similar majors of various universities and colleges, we made great progress. We wish to express our sincere respect and heartfelt thanks towards all the friends who care about and support in this joyful time!
        Finally, Mr. PAN Qiusheng and Mr. GAO Qilie shared their “Alumni Feeling” keynote speeches and all attendants also expressed congratulations on not only the 60th establishment anniversary of China compressor major as well as refrigeration and cryogenic engineering major but also the 120th founding anniversary of Jiaotong University in a warm, friendly and festive atmosphere. In addition, the conference
organizer announced establishment of “Professor SHI Huaxin’s Education Fund” and held the inauguration to greatly support the compressor and refrigeration major for China development and progress.