China Has Completed the First 70MPa Hydrogen Refueling Stati

发布日期:2017/06/06  来源:中国气协  本站有 人浏览

China first 70MPa hydrogen refueling station, Tongji –SUNRISE hydrogen refueling station, based on wind and solar powered hydrogen production was established in Dalian recently, which centrally reflected results of a 12th Five-Year Plan 863 project, Development and Demonstration Research of 70MPa Hydrogen Refueling Station Based on the Renewable Energy Hydrogen Production and Storage, from the Ministry of Science and Technology, undertaken by Tongji university. The project integrated the technologies of renewable energy field hydrogen production, 90MPa ultra high pressure hydrogen compression and storage, 70MPa hydrogen refueling and 70MPa hydrogen refueling station integration. Based on the cooperation of the project members, independent innovation of the key devices was performed and a solid step was taken to catch up with the international advanced level.
The project was greatly supported by Dalian SUNRISE POWER Co., Ltd., and the project team and Dalian SUNRISE POWER Co., Ltd. are currently coordinating the related administrative examination and approval items to strive for acceptance inspection and operation of the hydrogen refueling station as soon as possible, and they may supply the hydrogen refueling service for demonstration operation of fuel-cell vehicles in Dalian or even Northeast China Region, and they become an advanced technology exhibition window for the hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles in the world.