AIIGMA 39th Seminar on Industrial Gases

发布日期:2017/06/06  来源:中国气协  本站有 人浏览

AIIGMA 39th seminar on industrial gases was held on January 20 in Abu Dhabi ,capital of United Arab Emirates. The theme of it is “New Challenges New Solution-a Dynamic Gas Industry”. In recent one year, Gas market has began to change traditional gas into clean energy, such as hydrogen, CNG and so on.This is a good direction.
Dinesh Kumar, First Secretary of Development to the Indian High Commission in Abu Dhabi, and President, Vice Present, Secretary of AIIGMA attended the opening ceremony. In addition, Mr.XU Xin, the director of CIGIA overseas liaison office, led the Chinese delegation to attend the AIIGMA 39th SIG by the invited of  AIIGMA.
According to statistics, there are about 220 representatives and 12 companies, including 15 Chinese representatives and 7 companies, attending AIIGMA 39th SIG.
It is learned that some Middle East and South Asia gas companies had expressed great confidence in Chinese gas manufacturing market. Many people had accepted the invitation to visit the 19th China International Exhibition on Gases Technology, Equipment and Application and the 8th China International Natural Gas Vehicles/Ships, Engines and Gas Filling Station, which will be held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center on May 24-26, 2017. In addition, AIIGMA will organize its member enterprises to participate in the Sion-India Business and Technology Sourcing Fair.