China LNG Association Attended LNG18 Exhibition

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China LNG Association Attended LNG18 Exhibition(图1)
     The 18th International LNG Exhibition (LNG18) was smoothly ended on April 15 in Perth City, Australia, which lasted for 1 week and acts
as the global largest LNG Industry Exhibition attracting tremendous attention all over the world. Those energy giants such as Chevron and Shell sponsored and supported this activity and about 200 exhibitors gathered in LNG18; and there were nearly 10000 professional visitors and 2000 registered representatives from various regions all over the world in Perth.
     Currently, Australia is one of the 3 global largest LNG export countries and its export output in 2014 is up to 24000000 tons. For promotion of development of Australian LNG industry, special attentions were paid to LNG18: the Premier (Malcolm Turnbull) was invited to attend the welcome evening party and made his speech on April 11; and the governor (Colin Barnett) of Western Australia attended the LNG18 opening
ceremony on April 12.
     The Premier (Malcolm Turnbull) said in his speech that: currently, the global primary energy supply and demand is being under the extremely important transformation and LNG is without exception. The theme-Redrawing the Global Natural Gas Map of LNG18 also comes at a better time. 7 specially invited reports: Transformation of the Global Natural Gas, Globalization of Natural Gas, Investment for Promoting
Growth, LNG under Transformation: New Commercial Rules, Reformers: What Will Happen Next? , Project Figure 1 A group photo of some representatives Management: Nowadays and Future and Asia: Driving The LNG Growth were arranged in LNG 18; and19 branch paper reports were presented according to the commercial, technical and special interested lines, which covers many aspects such as the market
development, future trends, business trends, project progress, regional situations, technical progress, safety and environmental protection to point out the right way to those attending professional visitors.
      The exhibition area of LNG 18 was taking on a new look: several global energy giants and those in the upstream, middle-stream and downstream blocks such as exploration, development, equipment, engineering, scientific research and shipbuilding in the natural gas industry attended such event; and those companies, institutes and organizations from Europe, Asia, America and Australia and so on gathered in this event; exhibitors made frequent exchanges and the audience people were busy to inspire a lot of confidence for the industry development.
      As one of organizers of the 19th International LNG Exhibition (LNG 19), China LNG Association attended LNG 18 together with Shenergy Group, Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard, Shanghai Gas Design Institute, Baosteel, Shanghai Port Energy, Shanghai Installation Engineering Group and other major natural gas companies in Shanghai to bring China force to Perth and demonstrate the progress and current
situations of the natural gas and LNG industry of Shanghai as the host city of LNG 19. Shanghai representative team including Shanghai Business Committee, Construction Committee, Shenergy Group, Shanghai Tunnel Company Limited and other government and enterprise representatives specially visited LNG 18, to perform exchange and learn the advanced international exhibition experiences, and meet the sponsor to further discuss how to better support and assist LNG19.
     At the same time, four organizers (China LNG Association, China Civil Engineering Society Gas Branch, Chinese Association of Refrigeration and China Gas Association) discussed the future activity framework, operation of marketability and other issues together with the sponsor, and performed negotiations and communications with the conference company (CWC) and the exhibition company (ETF) and so
on, respectively; on the other hand, propaganda and promotion of LNG 19 were carried out at best efforts in various activities during the LNG 18 period to promote development of China LNG industry and exchange with international counterparts and form the integrated industry force to deal with the declining tendency and create the future. In addition, those representatives from related domestic LNG companies such as JEREH, Chengdu Huaqi Houpu Holdings Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Furui Special Equipment Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Fortune Group Co., Ltd., Wuxi Phaeton Cryotech Co., Ltd., CIMC Enric and China City Natural Gas Investment Group Co., Ltd. attended LNG 18 to jointly demonstrate the development force of China LNG industry.
    The mayoress (Lisa Scaffidi) of Perth announced that LNG 18 was successfully closed at the afternoon of April 15; and Mr. Grant King (the chairman of the national organization committee of LNG 18) denoted the gift symbolizing LNG 18 to Professor GU Anzhong (the chairman of the national organization committee of LNG19). LNG series conferences start formally Shanghai time and LNG 19 is formally under the planning and preparation stage. What change and transformation will the natural gas and LNG industry face in next 3 years? What Chinese characteristics will LNG 19 be endowed with? And how will LNG 19 reflect the unique Shanghai flavors? Let’s wait and see what happens.